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Our Services

We are here to help support you. If you are finding it difficult to heat your home, struggling with debt or are looking for any further assistance with energy efficiency matters then we may be able to help you. 

Our dedicated team provide a bespoke service which can involve hand holding support if required. We can also advocate and act as a third party on your behalf. To date, we have helped assist over 1,000 households since THAW first launched in January 2015.

Introduction to THAW Orkney

THAW Orkney was established as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation in December 2014 following two workshops involving community groups and statutory organisations. This came about because there was not a coordinated approach of available services to tackle domestic fuel poverty issues holistically in the county.

THAW began as the lead agency and pivotal point of a three-way partnership involving itself, Orkney Citizens Advice Bureau and Orkney Care and Repair, but through a wider forum established support of around 30 key individuals and organisations.

THAW has as its underlying principle that input from many national and local organisations may be available, but because accessing these potential dispersed resources
is left to the householder to arrange at the relevant time, they often do not materialise.

For many vulnerable householders to coordinate several organisational inputs is an impossible task and the assistance and resources available will not reach them. THAW’s approach coordinates these inputs in a non-linear manner so the maximum impact can be achieved for the benefit of the householder and thereby the most efficient use of resources by the relevant organisations. This approach, which we call the Pipeline Approach, is ‘in the background’ facilitating the relevant input at the relevant time.

Fundamental in the approach of the programme is that services are equally available to all Orkney residents. There is a strong emphasis on equalities and the inclusion of people from all protected characteristic groups namely: age; gender; ethnic origin; religion or belief; disability and sexual orientation. Essential in this is addressing the range of issues and barriers which have prevented people’s participation in social, economic, political and cultural life. 

Cosy Home Packs

Since THAW started in 2015, we have supported over 350 households with our Cosy Home Packs.  We are delighted to say that we have secured further funding and are now able to offer the packs again.  

A standard pack contains:

Warm Blanket

Microwave Wheat Bag Warmer

Thermal Mug

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Oil Filled Radiator

Thermal Hat, Socks and Gloves

A Damp Trap

In addition we can offer:

Children's Warm Blanket

Kuddleez Monkey Wheat Bag Warmer

Children's Thermal Socks and Gloves

Chimney Balloon

Hot Water Cylinder Jacket

Rapid Boiling Kettles

Electricity vouchers

Working in partnership with our local Foodbank, we currently have funding available to support with the provision of electricity vouchers for those in crisis situations. They are a one-off payment and depending on the level of need, we can offer different payment amounts. It does not matter what type of meter you have, who your supplier is or whether you’re on the mainland or outer isles as we can still offer this service. If you are really struggling to keep your meter topped up, then please contact us to see if we can assist.

Small Installation Grant​

In certain circumstances, we can provide a small grant of up to £150 towards the installation, repair or service to either the property itself or the property’s heating system in order to help to increase levels of warmth and comfort or to try to reduce levels of fuel poverty for the household.

Aiming Beyond Cancer project

THAW Orkney secured funding to deliver the Aiming Beyond Cancer 3 (ABC3) Project, supporting those with a cancer diagnosis within the local community.

The project, which is funded by Energy Action Scotland and SSE, can help provide financial assistance with the installation of a new/replacement heating system and/or white goods such as a washing machine or tumble dryer for people with an active cancer diagnosis who are supported by either CLAN or Macmillan.  In relation to heating systems, we support with the installation through local contractors for Air to Air systems, Quantum Heaters and Oil systems.

If you feel you, or someone you know may benefit from this project, please contact us for further information.